What is QuickBooks File Doctor - how to setup

This software was launched by Intuit for the QuickBooks users. As the name implies, QuickBooks desktop file doctor is used for solving the issues that user’s face when using the QuickBooks.

Intuit has combined QuickBooks company file diagnostic tool and QuickBooks network connectivity diagnostic tool together and named it QuickBooks file doctor.

This is a file repairing software to resolve issues with files and data corruption, windows problems etc. QuickBooks file doctor ensures the company damaged or corrupt file and resolve the issue as soon as possible.


How useful is QuickBooks File Doctor

  • When unable to access a company file or encounter errors like 301, 305, 6000, 6150 etc.
  • Useful when you lose some company files, due to some reasons.
  • When you undergo network problems like accessing the multi-user setup
  • When you want to access a company file in a system that is stored in another system


Method 1: Launch QuickBooks File Doctor Manually


Before following the procedures QuickBooks File Doctor Tool Download must be accomplished

  • Download the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool and run QBFD.exe file.
  • The installation process will begin
  • It is compulsory to contain.Net Framework on your system.

The issue might be as simple as a fault sometimes, within the launch command receiving end.

  1. Launch the application and staytill the system shows ‘No Company Open’ screen.
  2. Go to File, Utilities and Repair File and Network Problems.
  3. In the dialog box that displays, click on OK. The QuickBooks file doctor will restart the application with the administrator rights.
  4. A dialog box will bedisplayed click on Yes.
  5. Click the wrench icon to open the QuickBooks file doctor application, and click Continue.
  6. Type your user credentials to log into your file. The QuickBooks file doctor will now begin to workon repairing your file.
  7. In the Advanced Settings options, choose ‘File Diagnosis Only’.
  8. Now, click Next.
  9. After the system prompts, open your file and check for issues or Repairs Needed.

If this step does not function to resolve the error, continue to the next solution.


Method 2: The backup of the corrupted QBW file must be maintained


When QuickBooks file doctor is launched spontaneously, it fails, displaying the error. To resolve this issue, follow the upcoming steps:

  1. You should initially do a backup for the files that are corrupted. The backup assists you to replace the damaged files with the saved ones.
  2. You must open the QuickBooks and click on the “File” option, followed by clicking on the “Open or Restore Company” option.
  3. Then, click on the option that states “Click Open or Restores a Backup Copy” and continues by clicking on the “Next” button.
  4. Now, select the option Local Backup and then choose theNext button.
  5. A drop-down menu will appear on which you must browse and select the backup file location.
  6. You must select the file that has a “.QBB extension” and then proceed by clicking on “Open” and finally on “Next”.
  7. The menu called “Save In drop-down” will be shown from which you have to select the location for restoring the files.
  8. You must put the name of the file in the name field. The Save as the field will immediately pop up with the arrival of the “*.QBW” file.
  9. You must press the “Save” button to complete the restoration procedure.


Hopefully, the above solutions will guide you in troubleshooting the errors. If you cannot resolve the errors by following the above steps then you need to contact QuickBooks Customer Care Helpline Number.